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 Kokomomo - Gino Valderas

The Shamanic Path

About me

I was born in Peru, a common child, who could remember and see 'strange' things. My family had to experience the terrorism of the communist and military guerrilla movements of the time. I come from a very emotionally complex family and had a childhood that was sometimes impacted by poverty, and other days I slept well. 

I was bullied, especially at school, and was labelled as a child with a great imagination because I could remember and see these strange things. I didn’t want to be seen as different, so I tried to blend in. After adolescence, I travelled to Italy where I could momentarily self-realise; having a job, renting a house, buying my own things, my food and having fun.

Many complex social and internal problems occurred that led to personal failure, and after a great accident I was forced to leave my job training as a rescue worker. I went to Germany and started working in a kitchen - because it was the only thing I could do while learning to speak German. While I was in Germany, I underwent a major operation after the accident I had in Italy, and after that moment, when it did not look so good, my life began to change. It was not an easy change. It was through crises of all kinds, emotional, physical, and psychological.

The changes led me to accept aspects of myself that were always with me, and I began my journey of discovering my purpose.

Currently I continue travelling without any particular destination, instead, I now follow my purpose.

Well, up to here, dear reader, I can tell you that I am a person like you, humble and with a life equal to yours, and that of so many other people who seek to improve themselves. There are those who are more fortunate or not, yet we all grow in the same vicious circle, and fall into what we call ‘problems’.

We all have the potential to know the divine and reconnect with ourselves. And then, to be born again.

It all starts, dear readers, and ends with yourself.

What is our purpose?

Sometimes, when one is very unconscious of himself and only recognises himself intellectually, then great crises, problems or tragedies can come about that force us to ask ourselves deeply, ‘why is this happening to me?’, ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What am I suffering for?’. Dear readers, this is how the path to consciousness begins, which is nothing other than honestly beginning to know ourselves.

The road is very arduous, because it is important to be honest with ourselves about each aspect that we live; how we are, what we think, and how we react. There is no instrument that is far from our reach or that we do not know, we already have everything we need to achieve consciousness.


It is necessary if you really want to know yourself to recognize that there is 'a problem', otherwise you will close yourself to the slightest possibility of change. 


If we propose to know ourselves only with the mind, it will not happen. We must be consistent with all aspects of our life. I mean that we can’t expect that our world will improve while the mind is disturbed, reflecting actions and thoughts of hatred, envy and shame, etc. We must be consistent and do this not only from within but also from the outside to unify our duality (physical and mental) through every aspect of life (emotions), it is a way of honesty with ourselves.


And on a practical level? It is also necessary to reflect our internal work with what we like and resonate with the most, whether it be due to cultural conditions, socio-demographic, religious, past life conditions, etc. The reason does not matter, the important thing is that it resonates with us and makes us happy. As in my case, after using various instruments such as traveling, sports and speaking, I found myself resonating a lot with (sacred) plants and remembering the ancestral relationship I had with them. Since the sacred plants took me as a ward, they subjected me to severe and tedious tests and lessons just to remove every aspect of the intellectual and mental self to allow me to be born again. And to this day they continue to teach me a lot.


This is the journey of Ulysses that many of us have made, a path that never ends, where one faces one's own demons, monsters, and sirens who will tempt you to lose yourself, and even hell itself. Each monster is an aspect of ourself that we have to face, overcome and integrate into our lives. We have to overcome them with faith and devotion to the divine.


Not all paths are the same, and not all of us have the same destiny, but my purpose is service and sacrifice. Do you know what your way is?


It’s normal in the beginning to be unsure or confused, if you think that these words belong to your truth, then it is time for resonance, for you to read, listen and ask yourself whether or not you should be doing something.


Just follow your heart.


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